Welcome To Global Online Shopping

About us

Global Online Shopping is a white labelled network of rewards websites designed specifically for organisations to improve customer retention, whilst adding staff incentives, fundraising for schools, sporting clubs and charities.

White label means we take the name of Global Online Shopping off our website and replace it with the name and branding of the organisation that have adopted our rewards program.

The core of our business is to raise funds for charities, sporting clubs, schools and local communities. Every transaction through one of our white labelled rewards programs generates funds for non for profit organisations.

The rewards program also provides business with an ideal way for a business to maintain contact with their customers by providing with specials and discounts at retailers they already shop at.

The rewards program promotes local businesses and larger retailers to the databases of these large organisations.

This provides these businesses with massive exposure to potential and current clients throughout Australia. This allows businesses the opportunity to promote daily deals and weekly specials to targeted data basses that they would not normally have access to.

We provide our customers and members with exceptional value and savings at shops which they currently shop at. This provides families with more disposable income. At the same time as raising funds for non for profit organisations.

Global Online Shopping is effectively a marketing agent which drives thousands of customers to major retailers. This enables retailers to reduce or redirect their advertising dollars from the traditional forms of marketing – print media, radio and television to targeted direct marketing which provides customers with greater value and businesses with an efficient use of their marketing budget.

Global Online Shopping then receives a transactional commission from each purchase as a rebate or an advertising fee which is then shared with a non for profit organisation, school, sporting club or a local community.