Welcome To Global Online Shopping

Welcome to Global Online Shopping Gold Member Benefits

Welcome to Global Online Shopping Gold Member Benefits

As a gold member you receive all the benefits of a free member plus:

You receive access our range of e-Cards which provide Gold members with a 5% discount on e-Cards providing a 5% discount at:


The 5% discount is on top of any specials or discounted offers.

At Woolworths Caltex receive a discount of 4 cents a litre using your Woolworths shopper docket plus 5% discount using your e-Card.

As a Gold member purchase a Woolworths WISH e-Card at a 5% to purchase from the range of gift cards in store at Woolworths click here to see the complete range of gift cards available in store at Woolworths

Save at 330 Hotels across Australia through the ALH group click here to locate the Hotels in your State.

Receive unlimited access to our deals and coupons at our online shops, click here to see all the current coupons available.

The cost of the Gold membership is $15 per month with $4 per month supporting Our Club.

Simply spend $300 per month on Groceries, Petrol Beer and Wine or any of the above items and you will save your $15 and you have supported the Football Club at the same time.

Why not see how much you can each week, month or year by using the Global Online Shopping Website. Click on the savings calculator and enter your personal expenditure to see how much you could save as a Gold member.